Let me introduce myself…

I'm a creative polymath: straight-talking, go-to-gal, with the skillset and agility of a Swiss Army knife. I'm at my best when surrounded by sumptuous sound, visceral visuals, and off-the-cuff copy. The know-how to press all the right buttons, keep my pencils sharp, and build and balance budgets. A “rubberband girl me”: I bend and stretch to meet the needs, and the wants.

I'm passionate about collaborating and making things with others, building bridges that span the chasm between the head and the heart. An absolute believer in the basics; a sharp line, the psyche of color, and the balance of good composition; no matter the medium or platform. If ‘why and ‘how’, and ‘what‘ follow sweetly, then strategic success can be motivated just as easily from juice box budgets as from champagne and caviar accounts. I've experienced the power of a million eyeballs watching, to making one voice clear, I know there’s no shortcuts or small matters, and that everything in-between can make the difference.

I am a common sense creative who loves brands and believes they do make life better.